Confraternity of Our Lady of Light Spouse of the Holy Spirit

Our Lady of Light
Spouse of the Holy Spirit
Erected on October 26th, 1895
Clacton-on-Sea, Essex
His Eminence Cardinal Vaughan
Archbishop of Westminster

Objects of the Confraternity

  • To promote a true and tender devotion to Our Lady as the spouse of the Holy Spirit, and the channel through whom He communicates His gifts and graces.
  • To obtain light to praise aright all other devotions of the Church, especially devotion to the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar to the Holy Spirit and to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and thereby to promote the sanctification of all the Members of the Confraternity.
  • To implore through the intercession of Our Lady of Light, that her Divine Son, the “Light of Light”*, the Holy Spirit, “Light of Our Heart” may graciously vouchsafe to spread ever more and more the light of the Catholic faith over the whole world, and especially over England.

*Nicene Creed

Means to Obtain the End Proposed by the Confraternity.

  • The daily (and where possible, frequent) recitation of the “Morning Offering” indulgenced by Leo XIII.
  • Prayer to the Holy Spirit, and to His Spouse, Our Lady of Light.
  • The daily hearing of Mass, where possible.
  • The daily recitation of the Rosary, in the spirit and according to the method of the Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort.
  • Holy Communion once a month, especially on Feasts of Our Lord, Our Lady, of St Joseph and of the Holy Apostles.

Rules of the Confraternity

  • The “Morning Offering” is to be recited daily.
  • Holy Communion once a month in honour of “Our Lady of Lig,ht Spouse of the Holy Spirit,” and the intentions of all members.
  • To keep a picture of “Our Lady of Light, Spouse of the Holy Spirit” and to have an earnest desire to spread the devotion.


Our Lady of Light, Spouse of the Holy Spirit, I give thee my whole self, soul and body, all that I have or may have, to keep for Jesus, that I may be His for evermore. Amen.

Our Lady of Light, Spouse of the Holy Spirit pray for me.*


  • His Holiness Leo XIII, by a Decree of the Sacred Congregation Indulgences (September 10th, 1895), grants:-
      (once a day only) to all the Faithful who, with a contrite and devout heart, shall recite the “Morning Offering” with the Invocation, “Our Lady of Light, Spouse of the Holy Spirit, pray for me,” in the Chapel or Church of Our Lady of Light at Clacton-on-Sea, before the image of Our Lady of Light therein venerated.
      to those who, having confessed and communicated, shall visit the aforesaid Church and image on the Feast of Our Lady of Light (the Saturday before Pentecost), and shall there pray for the intentions of the Holy Father.
  • His Eminence Cardinal Vaughan, Archbishop of Westminster, grants (November 13th, 1895), an INDULGENCE OF ONE HUNDRED DAYS to Members of the Confraternity, whenever (within the Province of Westminster) they shall devoutly recite any of the following prayers:-
    • The “Morning Offering” with the Invocation.
    • The Hymn “Veni Creator,” or “Veni Sancte Spiritus,” with the Invocation, “Our Lady of Light, etc.”
    • The Litany of the Blessed Virgin, with the Invocation three times.
    • The “Memorare” to Our Blessed Lady, with the Invocation five times.
  • The Right Reverend Father-General of the Company of Mary (St Laurent-sur-Sèvre) and of the Daughters of Wisdom (La Sagesse) have accorded to all the Members of the Confraternity a share in the merits, prayers, and good works of the two aforesaid Congregations.

* Two Hundred Days’ Indulgence (once a day only) to all Members, wheresoever in the world they may be. – Leo XIII, August 30th, 1898.


Superior of the Oblates of St. Charles (with power to delegate to Priests of the said Congregation) St. Mary of the Angels, Bayswater, London.

Imprimatur: HERBERT CARDINAL VAUGHAN, Archbishop of Westminster.

Feast of the Immaculate Conception, December 8th, 1895.

The details of the Confraternity have been reproduced here exactly as was first printed with the exception that:

‘Holy Ghost’ has been substituted with ‘Holy Spirit’.

‘Blessed’ has been substituted with ‘Saint’ with regard to Louis de Montfort.

To note that the Oblates of St Charles left the parish in 1968 or thereabouts.

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